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Alien: Blackout is one of the most famous mobile games that deal with a survival horror concept. In this game, Amanda Ripley, who is Ellen Ripley’s daughter will be having a significant place in this game. You will have to defeat the hunter by making some perilous choices. In order to avoid deadly contact, the player will have to rely on crew members for sacrificing or the space station of the damage control area in order to avoid permanent alteration of the game’s outcome.

In this game, one will be able to encounter 7 different levels where you will be facing different types of challenges. As a player, you will be provided with a holographic map, motion tracker, and surveillance cameras that will help you when you will try to escape from the Xenomorph.


Alien: Blackout game Features:

  • By using the power supply provided by the Space Station you will have to operate the holographic maps, motion tracker, and surveillance cameras. It will help you to track everything about this game. All the crew will be guided with the help of this.
  • There will be seven levels, which will be completely horrific and you will have to pass every one of them in order to protect the crew from the hunter. The task will get difficult and you will have to use the cameras for staying hidden.
  • This game is an addition to the Alien franchise and is also the saga.
  • One will be enjoying an immersive alien experience that will be kept drenched in the game.
  • This mobile game has been perfectly designed so that all the players will feel that the entire game is happening in real.
  • Every decision that you will be taking will help you to get different conclusions.
  • One will have to figure out different ways for outlasting the xenomorph which will help you to reach the trophy of victory.

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In this game, you will encounter the horror situation where Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda Ripley will be playing a survival game. When you will be playing this game you will have to guide the crew member to follow the holographic map and secure themselves with the help of motion trackers and cameras. Depending on the choices which you will make it will affect how the narrations are unfolding in every playthrough.

There will be seven levels, which you will have to pass in order to win this game, but each of the levels will be having horror in it and the task will be getting extremely challenging. If there are some unpredictability and uncertainty, then facing defeat in this game is very easy. This mobile game will provide you with a unique horror-inducing experience and will analyze how strong your inner nerves when in surviving game one can face an instant end.



Having a strategy from the very beginning is what this game is all about. aA minor decisions can hugely affect your team and your gameplay. The entire game will be to escape the deadly xenomorph who is tirelessly hunting the crew and the main player.

So, download and play Alien: Blackout now for free on your Android device!


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