Can a 12 year old play Free Fire?

The answer is yes. The game has very little violence, and there are no sexual references or content that would be of concern to a parent. Other than the constant use of the f-word by almost every character in the game, Free Fire is a pretty family-friendly shooter!

The lack of gore and blood makes this an easier sell than most games, but there are other shooters that should still be reserved for an older audience.

What age do you recommend playing Garena Free Fire?

10-12 years old is the perfect age to introduce your children to gaming. Free Fire has very little violence and almost no gore or profanity. The game does feature guns, which may make some parents uncomfortable (or encourage them!) While Free Fire has online capabilities, it also features a local multiplayer mode where players can get together on one device and play together. This kind of gameplay is perfect for the whole family!

Free Fire is currently available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android.

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