How to Transfer Data from Android to Android 2022

In this article, I’m going to show you how to transfer everything from your android phone to your other android phone. I’ll be using a Bluetooth connection to show you how, but this can also be done with an internet connection or even through a USB cable. So let’s get started!

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Step 1: Go into your settings and click on “Bluetooth” then enable it by clicking on it. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device on your phone, go ahead and skip this step.

Step 2: Now start up Bluetooth on the other android phone that you want to transfer from/to. A new window should pop up on both of the phones asking if they will allow each other to connect with them, so just press yes/okay on both of them. It might ask for a password so put in 0000 or 1234 or your phone number (for example mine is 0677). Now both of the phones should be connected.

Step 3: On one android phone, click on “My Files” then go into your Bluetooth folder. The window that pops up should show you how far away the other android phone is from you that you are transferring to/from. Just click on it and press okay (on both phones again) and it should start transferring all of your data onto the other android phone! You can do this with any app or game or widget or anything so just transfer everything over if you want to.

If your Bluetooth connection times out for some reason, don’t worry! Just try connecting to them again by following Steps 1-3 and you’ll be fine!

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