DraStic DS Emulator APK MOD vr2.5.2.0a [ License FREE ]

Nintendo DS which is abbreviated as DS deserves special significance as a “handled game console” with Dual Screen facility. It is especially noteworthy as a well-liked trendy video console game. A console game was sold in the United States on the 24th of November 2004. The device consists of 2 LCD screens running parallel at a time. Particularly the lower screen possess built-in touch thus letting the user choose touch control or enabling him to use the buttons on each side of the screen to play Nintendo games. Get the DraStic DS Emulator APK (MOD License FREE) from our website.


DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK Information:

App NameDraStic DS Emulator
MOD FeaturesPaid APK [ License FREE ]
Root Required?No
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In order to compete with Sony, Nintendo developed a 3DS with a plan to replace the DS and succeed in doing the same. Nowadays, DS has no longer its place in the game market as Nintendo has dropped the idea of developing it further. However, with the emergence of the DraStic DS Emulator, any user can play DS games right on his Smartphone.

DraStic DS Emulator MOD Features:

  • Paid Version
  • License Free
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • DraStic DS Emulator APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

An exceptional app designed for Android

DraStic DS Emulator serves special importance as a significant emulator app designed especially for Android. It has been developed by Exophase. The said app has been designed for playing Nintendo games on Android. It can be regarded as advancement in mobile technology letting you get indulged in playing Nintendo games on your Smartphone. A very similar app to this one is the SuperRetro16 SNES Emulator.

Astounding original features

This Emulator is noteworthy in the sense that it has lots of amazing innovative features as well as modifications that any other Emulator lacks.

With the help of DraStic DS Emulator, the player can improve the graphics associated with a game. Thus makes them more appealing than actually they are. In other words, the application enhances the 3D graphics of a game to 2 by 2 size of its actual resolution.

To be precise, the application in discussion not only supports but also enhances the resolution of 3D games up to 2 times on the DS device. This significant feature appears to be useful concerning the fast Smartphone.

Can be used in Landscape or Portrait mode

He can make use of this app in landscape or portrait mode as per his desire by customization of the placement and DS Screens’ size. DraStic DS Emulator offers the benefit of Save State which lets a player have the advantage of saving his games wherever he wishes to save it and resume his progress thus starting again whenever he wishes.

Twist your game with thousands of cheats!

As a player who has a passion for playing Nintendo games, you can twist your games with thousands of Cheat Codes. Entering Cheat Codes can reach something relating to the game depending on the code type. One who has played Pokemon will understand the definition of a Cheat Code.  So, provide your gaming experience with this special pinch.

Again, there is another option of saving your games with Google Drive that will prevent you from saving it on your cart. So, deserve special means in synchronizing the games that you play with the online space relating to Google Drive.

Another significant feature concerning this app is that the player can fast-forward to enhance the emulation pace associated with this app.

On the whole, this app can be regarded as the best app if you have a keen desire to play Nintendo games on smartphones.

Exciting features re-visited

Below are some of the features exciting re-visited which are associated with Nintendo games which will let the player have a remarkable experience after downloading the DraStic DS Emulator. Again, it can be downloaded free of charge.

  • Inspiring Emulator designed and developed only for Android
  • Making easier for you to play Nintendo games on Smartphone
  • Deserves the creating ability of superior graphics
  • You can save your gameplay easily with DraStic DS Emulator apk
  • It enables you to save your game progress with Google Drive
  • Presence of a database that enables you to twist the Nintendo games with thousands of cheats

According to reviews, the application is definitely worth its price. It ensures a setting that gives the game a better look thus making it run swiftly. For instance, a plethora associated with options that are anti-aliasing and which perfectly suits the taste of a 3D game SM64 DS.

Exophase, the developer

A developer with brilliant talent, Exophase is very much passionate regarding the handling of game systems. What it regretted was the no-longer availability of DS and attempted to bring it back to the Smartphone. It succeeded in its attempt and the result is that you can play DS games exactly on your Smartphone thus enjoying your preferred games anywhere and at any time.

The developer has made a conformation regarding the matter that users can run all games on DS due to the presence of this great application. But, the application is still under development process as some minor errors need to be corrected. Due to the reason of copyrighting, it (Exophase) will not provide the ROM Games.

Exophase emphasized on the fact demarcating it as just a clone (not affiliated with Nintendo). But, one should not worry because nowadays there are still many game lovers who have a passion for these games. They can download the ROM associated with Internet games.

With this application (Drastic DS Emulator apk license-free) you can completely customize the position of 2 screens. Either the user (i.e. you) can leave two screens parallel to one another or you can leave one screen above and one screen below. Akin to GameBoy, this grand app supports the “save backup” facility at your playing state.

Experience the game you are playing, at its best. The publisher has optimized the application to its utmost limit thus increasing compatibility on every phone with a lot of diverse configurations. The developer has benefitted the user with the facility of a battery saving option.

It never ends!

DraStic DS Emulator is a perfect application for those who have a passion for DS game series. Besides having remarkable features, but is free from all sorts of ads. Besides, the user can have an experience of DamonPS2 PRO. It is a PS2 Emulator designed only for Android.

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