God Punch: Idle Defense MOD APK v1.022 (Unlimited Origin Shard)

In this era of the internet, video games play a crucial role in everyday life. It not only provides us unlimited fun but also helps us to get equipped with the present technologies.

Regardless of age, people, these days love to play games. It gives the players mental relaxation and also a chance to create an identity in the gaming community.

To get over with the daily toils of life, God Punch: Idle Defense comes handy. This game gives unparalleled enjoyment. Save the earth and be the hero with God Punch: Idle Defense (MOD Unlimited Origin Shard). Get Unlimited Gold Core, Unlimited Origin Shard (Wood/Fire/Water/Light/Dark), Infinite Rare Minigod (Flo), Infinite Heavy Gear set, Infinite Divine Essence, Infinite Divine Pearls, Infinite Proof of Pain with our mod.

This is a role-playing game that offers the players to be the defenders of the galaxy. With this galaxy idle gameplay, streamers will be the heroes that save the Earth.

 Thus, a fantasy world where players can live a life of their dream, this game gives the most amazing experience of RPGs.

The followings are some details about the game.


App NameGod Punch: Idle Defense
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold Core, Unlimited Origin Shard (Wood/Fire/Water/Light/Dark), Infinite Rare Minigod (Flo), Infinite Heavy Gear set, Infinite Divine Essence, Infinite Divine Pearls, Infinite Proof of Pain
SizeVaries with device
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No
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God Punch: Idle Defense MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Core
  • Unlimited Origin Shard (Wood/Fire/Water/Light/Dark)
  • Infinite Rare Minigod (Flo)
  • Infinite Heavy Gear set
  • Infinite Divine Essence
  • Infinite Divine Pearls
  • Infinite Proof of Pain
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • God Punch: Idle Defense Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Story of the game play

As one of the main attraction of RPGs, this game God Punch: Idle Defense also comes with a great storyline. Being a galaxy idle, this game starts with two major characters of the universe – one is ‘Abyss’ and the other one is ‘Gaia’.

In this story, ‘Abyss’ represents the chaos and ‘Gaia’ implies the order. In the starting of the story, players will come to know that Gaia retains the balance of the universe with the power of the Five Elements against authority of Abyss.

However, Abyss always keeps the eye on the powers of Five Elements to become almighty. One day, Abyss becomes successful in stealing away the Five Elemental Powers from Gaia. Due course, Gaia started becoming weak. As Gaia used to held the balance of the universe this got affected as well.

The balance of the universe started to crumble and went on the verge of collapse. Now, the life on the Earth was also at risk. Thus, Gaia created ‘Zero’, the godling character and awarded him with several powers to protect the Earth.

Now, here the game, God Punch: Idle Defense starts where Zero will be given various missions and by completing them he has to save the Earth from Abyss.


  • Outstanding game play

While playing this game you will witness the epic battle between Abyss and Zero. The one and only work for you is to win the battle by defeating meteors and gigantic intergalactic enemies. So, even when you are away from your keyboard this idle battle continues.

  • Ravishing playing skills

To provide an easy and effortless gaming experience, God Punch: Idle Defense comes with single tap feature. In other words, players can experience the power blows while destroying the threats with one tap.

  • Multiple birth or life

In this game the path that takes Zero to divinity is long, troublesome and hard to endure. So, players can lose their lives several times. However, with every rebirth Zero will become stronger than ever.

  • Several fight gears

In God Punch: Idle Defense, the players will be provided with battle gears like powerful gloves, helmet, and other accessories. Once the players are equipped with all these gears they will become as mighty as god.

  • Different seals for different situation

Along with the gears, the gamers will also be provided with divine seals. These seals are imbued with powers from ancient gods. So, the gamers can obtain these seals to gain the ultimate power.

  • Unleash Minigods to create a team

In this game the players will also have to form a team with over 50 Minigods. Gamers will discover these Minigods while playing the game and completing the challenges. These Minigods have different elemental powers. Thus, by creating an epic team of more than 50 such Minigods, the player will unleash the greatest team.

  • Various phase of the Earth

Lastly, as this game is all about the survival of the Earth, the players will be able to see the Earth in its different phases. Starting from birth, streamers can witness the growth of the Earth through different era such as Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Neolithic, Roman Age, Modern era, and more.

Hence, God Punch: Idle Defense is a fun way to spend your time while protecting the Earth from the mighty Abyss. Moreover, with pre-registrations, the players can avail various awards.

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