Idle Space Farmer MOD APK v1.0.5.1 Unlimited Cash and SuperCash

Farming has always been a common term, especially in rural areas. It takes a lot of dirt and patience to be a farmer. But there are some advantages to it. It is often said that if a person grows a plant in a place, the place becomes his own property. Thus it means a feeling of one’s own property overtakes him. Be an Expert Space Farmer in the game with our latest Idle Space Farmer (Mod Unlimited Cash and SuperCash). Get Unlimited Cash and Unlimited SuperCash resources on your game account.


Idle Space Farmer MOD Apk File Information:

App NameIdle Space Farmer
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins & Unlimited Idle Cash. Unlimited Cash & Unlimited Supercash
Root Required?No
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Idle Space Farmer MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash ($$$)
  • Unlimited SuperCash
  • Unlimited Idle Cash
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Idle Space Farmer Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

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How farming is very different here in Idle Space Farmer?

Here the player does not need to go to the field and plow. Though these are essential practices that the farmers employ. Here the farming concept has been revolutionized. It has changed from farming on Earth to Space.

Yes, the words they have encountered are true. The player has to do farming in the space. He has to do all sorts of activities as on Earth. Though there is a thrill too. It brings the player too close to farming yet they can enjoy the space. Farming in space is an uncommon concept that has been put forward to keep the spirits high.

The matter is very simple and that is the gamer has to get the money. To get the money just by idling way is very easy in the game. The gamer can choose different agents. They can be made to work for the development of farming.

How should you look after space farming?

To have good farming principles is the use of sophisticated techniques. These techniques would help you get the farming done right. But here the technology has constrained as the player does it at the space. When he does something in the space, he requires manpower.

The manpower is the agents who are appointed to look after farming. They help grow the farmland under the leadership of the player. They are known as agents. The player can choose them from the random beautiful girls. These characters can be used you get the farming done at the earliest.

Farming at space!

It is very thrilling to note that the player has to do the farming right at the space. To do farming at an unknown place the person needs to find a suitable place. The place is very important in farming. Here in this game, Idle Space Farmer, the player has to choose galaxies in order to make his farmland.

This lets the player witness different galaxies in order to choose the best land. A good and efficient soil would bring good results in the harvest. Similarly, a perfect galaxy needs to be chosen to do the farming.

The benefits of farming are that the player can earn money with his harvest. Though there are some obstacles in the game. Like the enemies would try to ravage your land. The player needs to protect the land from the dangers in Idle Space Farmer. This simulation game makes money management and farming monster to stay on the same platform. The cooperation between the two allows farming to be done at a successful rate.

Choose the best agents in space

The agents have the work to destroy the monster in space. The player needs to choose good agents so that they can fight the monsters away. This also enriches the spaceship in the agents. To get money by farming the player does not need to keep the game running all the time. It goes nicely when the player makes the game offline.

The idle cash can be earned and this helps the player to become a billionaire in Idle Space Farmer. There are surplus rewards that can be unlocked to use them to defend your land in space. Space has monsters and those agents with their powerful devices would keep the monsters away.

The player can increase the skill of the agent. They can be increased to get a profit in farming. He needs to cast the agents for some motivation. These motivate the agent to fight against the monsters.

The use of special tycoon boosters

The agents have special talents that help them to boost farming productivity. They help them increase power and fight against the monster. On the other way, this helps to increase and protect the farmland. The player can reach different planets to set up farmland. This helps the player to be a billionaire in space.

The player can become a space farming tycoon. He can do that in a majestic way. He has the ability to take control of the farmlands from the monsters. These monsters would help him take control of the lands. He can increase productivity with the help of space farming technology.

The technology is in the form of a farmland booster tycoon. They help the player reach the planet and take control of the farmland. Also, you can try this new My Pocket Galaxy.

Variations in the monster too

In Idle Space Farmer, the monsters are too very nice. They range from octopus, mantis, orcs and more. The player needs to get the monsters under control. They have to be defeated in order to get the farmlands under control. They are fantastic farmland managers. But the aim of the game is to get the idle cash. These idle cash can be won when the game is not running.

This helps the player to collect riches even when the gamer is not playing. The player needs to hire efficient personnel in order to look after the farmlands.

Golds are waiting for the player

The player in the Idle Space Farmer can earn gold coins while he plays. He has the ability to manage the farmlands. He needs to fix the agenda and processes so that the agent completes the farming. They have to become income management simulator. As the income they do needs to be efficiently looked after.

It has to be managed nicely and taken good care of. The most important part of the game is that the player is exposed to some unknown place where he has to do the farming get a space billionaire. It also makes him the space farmer who is the richest man in the space.

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