Jewel Mystery MOD APK v1.3.0 [Unlimited Diamonds Stars]

Solve the complex puzzles in the game with our newly released Jewel Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds Stars). Get Unlimited Diamonds and Unlimited Stars resources on your game account.


Jewel Mystery MOD Apk File Information:

App NameJewel Mystery
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Stars
Root Required?No
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The powers of jewel and the beauty of their colors are worth mentioning. They seem to take the people out of their court to some mysterious lands. The game has a dream garden where the player needs to find the jewels. When the gamer finds the diamonds or other jewels throughout the game, he ensures his win.

There are different treasures in the game. The garden is similar to a dream as the jewels in the garden bring the player closer to winning stance. The game, Jewel Mystery mod apk is of matching jewels, accessing the manor, and solving legendary puzzles. The game has been a source of enjoyment for the player due to its fantastic features.

Jewel Mystery MOD Apk Features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Stars
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Jewel Mystery Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the game

Jewels and precious stones have always made the people fascinated. They got interested in winning the jewels which have special powers. The powers are though useful you transform the lives of people. In this game, the jewels have magical powers which certainly can change the state of the person.

What should be an attempt by the player?

The game is about completing different missions. On each successful completion of the mission, the players can solve puzzles. The puzzles are random and require typical eyes to solve them. New maps can be opened and won.

The player needs to combine the gems in order to get the puzzles in hand. The other part of the game is more interesting. It can combine special gems to inspire the magical power of the gems. These combinations would help the player get the ultimate treasures of the match. The player is heading towards jewelry legend.

The ultimate aim of the player should be to become a jewelry legend. He should get all the missions complete before he reached the final level. The matches are colorful jewel and diamond collection matches. The games are like matching shining and colorful stones or precious stones. They put a very effective elimination effect.

How should the game be played?

The Jewel Mystery mod apk should be played as a pass time. It gives the player to pass through different levels and in between the gamer can explore different maps. The maps are a way to combine different special gems. The game is fantastically built to get the new collection of jewels. They are well developed to the people absorbed in the game.

Jewelry collection has a grand effect on the game. It helps to go through the game undaunted and reach the final levels. The player can easily collect the jewels which include diamonds and many other precious stones. The stones are of varied usage in the collection of points in the part of winning the game. The game bears the sole interest of the player.

It requires the basic wisdom which the player needs to solve the puzzles. The puzzles help the player gain the diamonds in the game. The diamonds fetch the most points and there are certain other jewels. These are known to give enough plus points to the player.

The other features in the game

Have the props a different effect on the gameplay? The answer is that the props can be suitable to increase the benefits. The benefits are unexpectedly important in the game of this sort. They help raise the points in a very short time.

The steps are very important in this Jewel Mystery. The less the number of steps in the game, the more the player has the chance to pass. In doing this, the player has the ability to get higher scores and stars. These stars are some additional benefits that the player needs to take a look during the game.

When the player proceeds in the game, he gets props. These props help them get beneficial points for the game. The player also gets coins and various other which the gamer can only get when he moves forward.

The rich rewards have much to do with the progress of the game. The rewards have much significance in the game. The player can only get rewards when they collect diamonds from the boxes. The boxes contain diamonds and other jewels. They have greater significance in the movement of the position from lower positions to a higher position.

The typical sides of the game, Jewel Mystery

The game has the most important feature is that it has a luxuriant manner. They help increase the points in the game. The essential hike in the game is that the player has to collect jewels to take a hike in the game.

There are about two thousand designed levels that get updated over time. The jewelry has a special significance in the game. They are made attractive and interesting. The shapes and sizes have special significance in the establishment of the Jewel Mystery.

The shapes and shine of the diamonds have special importance in the game. The user interface is fantastic and bears a good resemblance to these types of games. The player can get the ultimate experience in the ambiance of the game. Jewel and diamonds have the ability to satisfy the enjoyment of every player.

The game of puzzles awaits to be solved

The world of jewels and diamonds needs a good player. A player with good merit so that he can unlock the puzzles in the game. The player has all the benefits when he unlocks a certain puzzle. He has the true essence of getting the reward every time.

The game is devoid of internet connectivity. It does not require any source of online facilities. Though it is a game which can give much joy to the player. The player unlocks the puzzles and proceeds towards winning the game. He reaches the ultimate parts of the game when he has maintained a good balance between the system and the game.

The game, Jewel Mystery just needs a player who can take necessary steps in the game. The minimum numbers of steps help the player win the game. The game has very basic gameplay which can be enjoyed at any place.

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