K-Zombie Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

MOD Features: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Crystals
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Jun 14, 2022
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Have the best growth with our K-Zombie Saga MOD APK. Get Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems, and Unlimited Crystals resources on your game account.

K-Zombie Saga Mod Apk Information:

App NameK-Zombie Saga Mod Apk
Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Crystals
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No

K-Zombie Saga MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • K-Zombie Saga Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Unlimited Gold

Gold represents the main currency used in the K-Zombie Saga game. You can get a limited amount of gold for free by using the in-game methods. You can also purchase virtual gold with real money.

You may download our K-Zombie Saga mod apk to get unlimited gold resources on your game account. Hence, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button and install it on your Android device!

About the Game

K-Zombie Saga is a unique zombie fighting game. The game is 2D animated in top view perspective. The game features amazing zombie fighting combats, which is different from other regular zombie games.

Most zombie games include shooting or smashing them with an object. But in this game, you will use a variety of fans to destroy the zombies. The game includes amazing graphics though it’s just a two-dimensional game.

The sound and audio effects of the game are incredible and are designed in a way to create hype in the audience. The game is a combination of both casual and action games.

There are multiple characters with unique powers and various types of fans which varies in their appearance and their power. The game has regular missions and daily missions for the players to play. When the player finishes each mission, they will be rewarded with the in-game currency.

You can also get Unlimited Cash with Jurassic World Alive MOD.

Game Features

The game has dedicated graphics which is more appealing for gamers. The developers have worked more on the part of the mission as there are countless missions to play to receive appropriate rewards.

The mission includes eliminating zombies, drawing fans, drawing fan transformations, enhancing stats, drawing skills, etc.

Most of these missions will be completed after you do them once. So, the player doesn’t have to slay countless zombies just to earn some basic rewards. Instead, they can easily earn rewards by completing minor missions.

There are main stats that reflect the health and performance of the player’s character. The stats include HP, STR, INT, MP, Crit DMG, Crit Rate, etc. These stats indicate different conditions of the player. For example, HP reflects the health of the player. The player will lose HP whenever he gets a hit. MP is the energy meter indicating the player’s energy level.

This MP is used to make special attacks that are unique for each character. The player can’t use the special attacks continuously as it will diminish the player’s MP. Crit DMG refers to critical damage, which causes additional damage for every normal attack.

Crit Rate refers to critical rate, which is the rate of critical damage that will cause additional damage along with a normal attack.


The game starts in the ancient Korean era when a great famine overtook the country. People were stuck by hunger and famine and pushed to the verge of starvation and extinction. These people then started to eat other people for their own survival.

As a protector of the Joseon Dynasty, the ultimate responsibility of protecting the kingdom from these zombies lies on you.

Protect the cruel emperor who hasn’t provided any food to his own people. Use different characters and fans and utilize them in a powerful combination to defeat multiple waves of zombies.


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