King of Avalon MOD APK v7.8.0 [Unlimited Gold]

Download King Of Avalon (MOD Unlimited Gold) and you will get Unlimited Gold/Food/Wood/Iron/Silver and Dragon EXP on your game account. You will also Unlock all the Heroes and the Dragon Skills.


King of Avalon Mod Apk Information:

App NameKing Of Avalon
Root Required?No
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King Of Avalon MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Food/Wood/Iron/Silver
  • Unlock All Heroes
  • Unlock Dragon Skills
  • Unlimited Dragon EXP
  • Fully Upgraded Emblems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • King Of Avalon Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

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Unlimited Gold

In King of Avalon, gold resources are the main important. They are the first resource you need in order to succeed. Now, one can take the daily rewards to get free gold resources. Gold can also be earned from event awards. Gold resources are also available on the market. You need to spend real money to get virtual gold in the game. In the marketplace, you can use the gold coins to buy items and to upgrade your heroes.

There’s no doubt that gold is very required when you play King of Avalon game. Prices are high. The demand for gold is high. That’s why we created the King of Avalon Mod Apk. You can start with Unlimited Gold resources. Buying gold with real money is really insane. There’s no point in doing that. Not anymore. Buy all the items you want with the unlimited gold resources you get from the King of Avalon hack.

Get the free hack mod and take advantage of this feature and many more as you will see. Gold is just one resource that will be added to your account. Although it is the most valuable currency, Gold is not the single currency you use and you need it in the King of Avalon game.

Unlimited Food/Wood/Iron/Silver

Other resources used in the game are the food, the wood, the iron, and the silver resources. Starting with the food, it is important for the troops. Troops need food to live. Therefore, the more troops you wanna have in the game, the more food you need to produce. As the troops consume food, you have to keep them always fed up.

Food can be gathered or collected from other cities by attacking them. Improve your cities. Build more farms to produce more food. But all these techniques are time-consuming and that’s not what you need. As a result of this demand for food, we developed the King of Avalon mod apk. Growing food resources never was easier. Get unlimited food you keep your resources always to the maximum level. Never run out of resources again.

Another not less important resource required in the King of Avalon game is the wood. Food is for the troops but wood is for the buildings. Sawmill building has the role of wood production and storage. Wood resources are used especially for buildings upgrades. With the mod apk, you will have unlimited wood. You can keep the unlimited amount of wood in the storehouse to protect them from enemies’ attacks.

Now only food and wood, but iron also. Get unlimited Iron resources without the help of Iron Mine. Upgrade your buildings and don’t wait for production time anymore. Progress quickly and sure.

Last but not least, silver resources. These resources, obtained from the Silver Mine are the rarest resources in the game. Silver is often required for upgrades and it gets quickly to 0. For this, you need to build as many Silver Mines as possible in order to increase the silver production. Well, you don’t have to do this anymore. Focus on other things like becoming the King of Avalon because you will get unlimited silver also. With the Mod all the resources will be at an unlimited level, including the silver resources.

Unlock Dragon Skills

Dragons are making the difference in the King of Avalon Android game. They are very useful and helpful. You can conquer and really help your kingdom grow rapidly with the dragons. Although they are so important, if they are not well developed, they are not so useful as advertised. So, skills are most important for dragons. Depending on the levels, you can assign different skills to your dragons. The most important skill types are grouped into 4 types such as Attack, Defense, Gathering, and Monster.

These four types also have eight sub-skills. You can assign the guardian and assault to each main skill. You will be able to get the Dragons Skills slots unlocked. Yes, it means you don’t have to get to level 45 to unlock them.  You don’t need  Intensity Crystals to upgrade your Dragon Skills. They will be unlocked and fully upgraded to the latest level.

Unlimited Dragon EXP

Dragons need to be upgraded in order to have more Dragon Skills and to unlock the Dragon Skill Slots. You can also get to the maximum level of upgrading. Level up your dragons up to level 70 which normally takes nothing less than 961 millions of Dragon EXP. Get the King of Avalon Mod APK with this great feature to level up your dragons.

Fully Upgraded Emblems

Emblems are a helper for your dragons. Emblems are giving extra skills for your dragons. Extra combat skills for a better gaming experience. You can improve your dragons’ power with these fully upgraded emblems. Download the King of Avalon mod and take your Emblems. You can get a lot more XP with better combat you will have. You don’t have to upgrade or to wait for upgrading because the Emblems are already fully upgraded to the latest version possible.

Here below are the pics for each emblem you will get for free with the King of Avalon hack apk.

Brilliant Emblems
Epic Radiant Emblems
Radiant Emblems
Rare Radiant Emblems

Unlock All Heroes with King of Avalon Mod Apk

You can have instantly unlocked all the Heroes from the King of Avalon Android game. Get your favorite Regular, Rare, Rare and Epic Hero. These Heroes can be obtained from the Summoning Circle: Apprentice, Advanced and Master. You don’t have to summon anymore.

Don’t have to spend gold and time to summon for a Hero you desire. Download the King of Avalon mod apk and get your Heroes unlocked. From different Stronghold levels. So, you can view all your Heroes in the Hero Roster. Use the best Heroes with their features to win in the war and to conquer other kingdoms.

The list below contains only a few  of the Heroes you will get from each category:

High ConstableMaster Herald
Sir GarethMorgause
High StewardMaster of Strategy
Iseult the FairSir Gawain
Keeper of the SealMaster of Arms
Elyan the WhiteSir Lamorak
Master EnforcerMaster of War
Sir BalinSir Tor


There was some unfazed charm about the strategy games which once again forced its way into the gaming industry after quite a while. But modern strategy games are quite different for e.g., King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare where strategy and action got infused together.

There are many small-time gamers who are into strategy games. We all remember how popular those vintage strategy games were in the late 90s. In the mid-20s, the strategy game completely lost its charm and was replaced with high octane action games.

You can play this game on Android and iOS. The uniqueness of strategy games is it requires a lot of patience and proper understanding of the game to become a pro in this genre. The King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is no exception. The game sets in a time when King Arthur has died and the throne is devoid of any true leader. The player needs to train his dragons to wage war against other players and get his hands on the mythical sword called Excalibur to become the true heir to the throne.

The makers in order to make the game more interesting included the action part in the game but basically, the game remains the same. As it requires an internet connection to play it on a global scale, the player needs to strengthen his kingdom and form a community with other players.

Where can you find the Game? The game also comes with an in-app purchase option where you need to use real money to make any kind of purchase. Or you can just download and use our Hack App.  The developers are constantly updating the game to fix any bug or add some new features to the game.

Why do I need the King of Avalon MOD?

First things first, King of Avalon is a strategy game. It means you should do more than just playing. Therefore, you are a King who reigns over a kingdom.

The kingdom though has to be grown and upgraded.  For doing so, you need resources and also good skilled troops, heroes and especially the dragon.

With the King of Avalon, you will be given unlimited resources, all heroes, unlocked, fully upgraded emblems and all the dragon skills unlocked.

All these features have a role in helping you to really become the King of Avalon with his best and prosper kingdom.

Download King of Avalon for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

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