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MOD Features: Unlimited Silver Coins & Unlimited Gold Coins. Unlock All Characters
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Enjoy the game of creation mingled with dreams with our latest Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Silver/ Gold).

Get Unlimited Silver and Unlimited Gold Coins on your game account. Also, unlock all the characters in the game.

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG MOD Apk File Information:

Lucid Adventure apk

App NameLucid Adventure: Idle RPG Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Silver Coins & Unlimited Gold Coins. Unlock All Characters
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Silver Coins
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the game

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG can be demarcated as a game of the Virtual Reality Idle RPG game. It was initially demarcated as a game that pictures a Second World. The game though displays a Lucid World (created with a substance identified as Lucid). Later, it was made known that it is factually a Real World created by God’s Toy. The game is based on the well-accepted “Naver Webtoon.” Download Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG mod apk from our website for Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Silver coins.

Play in your dreams

The game is believed to be a “sub-space” to which the player’s consciousness gets linked thus creating an influence in his sub-conscious mind. As a result, you or any player dreams of playing the game. The game will assist your character to achieve the lead role in the gameplay. The storyline of the game is a solid one and the characters are very attractive and eye-catchy.

The rising popularity of the game automatically has a notable impact on the existence of people who are leaving a trendy life in the modern era.

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG was the ultimate goal of Roy Han who was the ex-chairman of Giga. To help him get pleasure from Lucid Adventure, Han split his soul into 3 characters

  • Sword Master
  • Alpaca Man
  • Novelist Han

He finished the last combat as the Aplica Man and was a part of the ‘Team Bamboo Spear Man’s Party’ that was knocked out by ‘Team Light’ in ‘Siege Round.’ Also, play with our Solitaire Classic Era Mod Apk.

Beta testing

After some time of the creation of the game, a Closed Beta was made accessible to chosen 10 players for an indefinite time.

The details concerning beta testing were yet to be disclosed but no sooner than the phase was over, Roy Han requests his own family to have an experience of the game for an unspecified time.

 The beginning

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG was the embodiment of the vision which Roy Han dreamt that is recreating the World through a story of his own.

In the game, the chief of the Gods created 4 other Gods and assigned them the duty of supervising the world. Post the creation, these Gods supposedly helped in creating the Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG. Now, aside from Gods, the Creator also created the Dragons of Good as well as Evil so as to maintain the scale of balance with Gods. Get Unlimited Silver and Gold coins with Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG mod APK.

The 2 Dragons continue fighting for approximately 1000 years and their blood-soaked the Earth gifting it with Magic and Technology. You may also try our latest Plants vs. Zombies 2 MOD Unlimited Gems.

As time passed by, many races flourish with their attainment of power and wisdom. But eventually, they started killing one another. A brutal circle of mutual burglary between the primitive powers led to their own doom. As a result, many races became extinct. Over thousands of years, the primitive powers were divided, again and again, splitting between various species.

There are several kings who desperately tried to corrupt the world. Among them, the name of ‘Iho’ deserves special mention. Besides, there is the Demon king ‘Sic’.

Lucid Adventure unlimited coins

Then there is king Giga

Post to the first God’s connecting of the Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG MOD APK to the ‘other world’, the game underwent many changes. The innovative concept of a Machine’s own attribute paved the way for Lucid Adventure to become a World of Magic and Sword which then started accepting knowledge and power from the Real World.

In the course of time, the two things Science and Machine became two major powers among other powers derived from the ‘other world.’ Giga deserves exceptional means in conquering those powers thereby distributing those powers thus expanding his or the modern Giga Empire.

The year previous to the commencement of the series, a sudden war broke out between the Lucid Adventure Kingdoms and Nightmare! Nightmare, a Red Player Guild wanted to annihilate the whole of the Lucid World (Lucid Adventure ). Giga and other kingdoms of Lucid World joined hands to fight back but Nightmare withdraws itself from the combat.

‘God’ in opposition to Zero

In course of researching the Real World so as to assist Han in creating Lucid Adventure, Zero underwent a change. Whatever she witnessed while doing her research completely altered her persona and ‘God’ who serve the purpose of a tool was not seen anymore. Zero challenged God and was in turn effortlessly defeated. Then, she confessed that she desired to destroy the cores of both of them.

She stabbed herself to her loss. But she did spread a curse all through her body attempting to destroy her core. And she also made a desperate attempt to infuse the curse to God’s body by means of his hand. She succeeded in spreading the curse throughout his body. The curse began to spread throughout their bodies and this marks the beginning of the deterioration of Lucid Adventure.

Roy Han seeing the curse approaching his core cut down his hand! He then made use of Lacerate to separate Zero’s head from her body in order to prevent the spreading of the curse to the core that was stored in her head but alas! It was too late because by the time Zero’s core got infected and was obliterated. Roy Han was doomed to almost death along with his dream “Lucid Adventure.”

Han was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill Zero who was the possessor of half of his core. So, he was in desperate need of another core with a view to developing the world. He finished off by utilizing a core formed out of dreams of scores of people to stabilize Lucid Adventure.

Lucid Adventure survived as an incomplete world that no longer belonged to him only but a world which cannot thrive without the existence of others. You can also enjoy playing Solitaire Classic Era MOD.

Features of the game

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG mod APK is a game with simple controls that can be easily played without any tutorial guide. You can enter right into the game. Assist the characters so that they can acquire the power to be stronger so that they can reach the top!

Even your character will progress in level when you are not playing the game. The gameplay features explosive level-ups thus pouring weapons and Gold! The moment you are logged in, you will receive a huge amount of rewards. You can log in from time to time. So, deserve special means in returning and achieving upgrade in level.

Lucid Adventure gameplay


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