Mini Militia MOD APK v5.2.1 (Unlimited Gold and Money)

A game called ‘Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia’ launched in the ios and android platforms to offer individuals intense and interesting fights both in online and offline. This game is unique enough to the others as it can be played with 6 multiplayer online and up to 12 players via Wi-Fi. Try the new way to experience warfare daily with our Mini Militia (Mod Unlimited Gold and Money).


Mini Militia Mod Apk File Information:

Mini Militia
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins & Unlimited Cash Money
Root Required?No
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Mini Militia MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • No-Ads
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Mini Militia Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

Mini Militia is a 2D game offering people to experience warfare and various kinds of weapons like AK47, shotgun, sniper, etc. Individuals can build teams and attack in a group to snatch victory against their opponents. Exploring a lot of maps and different rituals of modern warfare enabled the game interesting and popular among the users.

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About Gameplay

This game brings some new tastes to the gamers and here are some tips about how someone will play the game in the online and offline –


Up to 6 individuals can take part in a Mini Militia game through online

  • Enable data connection ‘on’ of your phone and open the game application.
  • Select ‘Multiplayer’ and ‘Custom’.
  • Choose a particular server from the lists appearing on the mobile screen. People should opt the server from his or her country. After making choices of the server and players, they need to join in that particular server.
  • Host the game.
  • Personalize by naming Room Name and lock the room by setting a password.
  • Provide a password and share the conditions with your friends to enjoy the game.


The game is available to play with up to 12 local players via Wi-Fi. To play in this mode someone needs to follow these guidelines –

  • Hosting the game

  • Turn on the mobile hotspot and run the game application
  • Select ‘Multiplayer’ and then ‘Deathmatch’ from the options menu and select Lan Wifi.
  • Host the game by tapping the ‘Host’ button.
  • After getting your own name and avatar, you need to select the player numbers, maps and game durations.
  • Then tap on ‘Done’ and ask people to join your game.
  • Other players’ joining to the host

  • Need to ‘on’ mobile Wi-Fi and make a connection with the host’s hotspot.
  • Select ‘Multiplayer’ and then ‘Deathmatch’ from the options menu and select Lan Wifi.
  • Make ‘Join’ while the host’s name will be displayed on the screen.
  • Need to press ‘Start’ and the game will be in action while all the players will be prepared for this.

To be a pro gamer in this game, people who have downloaded it, need to follow some essential tricks and tips. Adding these tips into your ‘to-do list’ may help you to take less time to be a master in this game.

  • Number of players

Playing Mini Militia with a maximum number of players is beneficial for any player. As he or she will have more chances to kill more players and earn Experience points and Battle points in large numbers. Having more Experience and Battle points may help gamers to improve their skills and ranks. Individuals get rewarded with 1 Experience point at per killing of any enemy while winning and ending of matches reward 5 and 10 Experience points respectively. You can get 1 Battle point at per killing while 1 Battle point will get deducted at every suicide.

  • Go for the pro-pack

Opting for Mini Militia pro-pack can be useful for the users as this adds some extra, essential and powerful features in the game playing. It provides more powerful and extra weapons than the free version of the game which increases the chances to win.

  • Use the weapons smartly

Mini Militia is purely dependent on the masterful usages of weapons by the users. So to snatch victory against your opponents you need to utilize your weapons smartly. You can follow these strategies in using your weapons –

  • Better weapons should be in use all the time as these give more challenges to your opponents.
  • The more you will play, the more accurate you will be in playing Mini Militia.
  • Automatic recharging of guns may sometimes harm you in match results. so it is better for you to recharge guns at any time.
  • Should be smart in altering guns timely.

Besides these, there are numerous tricks available regarding gameplaying which help someone to become a master in this game –

  • During a battle with other multiplayer, you need to carry more than one gun.
  • Never play with a pro-player as your fight will not be enough to defeat him or her.
  • Throwing grenades continuously and instantly may help you to rescue from a close fight.
  • You can suicide by throwing grenades downwards in a tuff challenge as this won’t give challengers’ points.
  • Staying away from hackers is a good option. To defeat hackers, players need to practice hacking which actually decreases the interest of playing the game.
  • Having excellent backups for the guns like sniper assist the player to give a hard challenge to the others.
  • Using shield during the war may protect you from the guns but you should be conscious about the grenades.
  • Crunching down in the face of opponents’ attacks allows your player to reduce your damages.

Game Features

In recent times, Mini Militia has become such a popular game with its extraordinary features, functions and various options. The latest version of the game also brings some features like –

  • This game provides up to 20 different maps which are very fascinating for the gamers.
  • Mini Militia offers its gamers 2x zoom which increases the gaming experiences of the users.
  • Useful offline training of your players in skills, weapons and surviving.
  • Modern weapons like Rocket Launcher, Missiles, Snipers, AK47, Grenades, Shotguns are available to use in this game.
  • Mini Militia pro-pack offers users to use ‘Mini Militia Hack’ at free of cost.

War games played with multiple players like ‘Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia’s in high demand right now. These particular games with several catchy features and functions attracted the user with ease. The tuff challenges and high competition among the players made the game more demanding. According to experts, individuals should play with their matching opponents from the starting and use smart tactics to improve their game playing. As it is a multiplayer game so maintaining sportsmanship is also equally important.

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