Nonstop Knight 2 MOD APK v1.7.5 (Unlimited Money and Mana)

Download and enjoy playing the latest Nonstop Knight 2 (MOD Unlimited Money and Mana). You can download it for Free from our website. With this mod, you will get Unlimited Mana and Unlimited Money on your game account.


Nonstop Knight 2 Mod Apk Information:

App NameNonstop Knight 2
Unlimited Money + Mana
Root Required?No
Role Playing
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Nonstop Knight 2 Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money & Mana
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Nonstop Knight 2 Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

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About the game

Non-Stop Knight is a form of the clicker game genre and you as a sole player play as a knight or adventurer, find treasures, combat all obstacles and also help find a way out of the treacherous dungeon, with each preceding level the difficulty tends to increase and the knight has to cross all of the obstacles and move forward. For playing Nonstop Knight 2 Mod various key hints available to us which include the chests, builds, strategies, pets, and boundaries, these can help you tackle the obstacles with much ease.

The Chits to ensure a better play

  • Chests

The chests have a special category to play. Every boss that the knight kills drops a chest and each chest is divided into 3 categories. Basic chests, Special Chests, and Event Chests.

  • Basic Chests

Basic chests are available at the initial stages of the game where the knight defeats the traitors and gets access to this specific chest. It contains two-star items and can freely be acquired by conveniently swapping at various stages.

  • Special Chests

Special Chests can be acquired only after a certain level has been cleared, but once they have been unlocked they can be found after the boss has been defeated and the items found in the special chest are much more advanced than that of the basic chests. The items found are special 3-star items.

  • Event Chests

Unlike both of the above chests, the event chest can only be opened at special intervals, and provides unlimited free items and will continue to drop even if the chest is empty. So in that way, you may benefit once the event chest has been unlocked.

  • Strategies/Builds

There are three specific strategies that can be applied while combatting with the enemies in Nonstop Knight 2.

    1. Strategy 1  – In strategy 1 the main weapon to be focussed should be nothing but the sword, while you combat the enemies.
    2. Strategy 2  – You have a cloak to use and is a much powerful weapon than the armor or the sword. This will protect you as a shield and stomp the enemies when necessary.
    3. Strategy 3  – The third strategy is to put all the power into the armor and the sword and not to focus on the cloak at all.
  • Pets

There are a total of 14 pets comprised in Nonstop Knight 2 who can be of great help to you and can help you combat the enemies.

A few of these may include the Flare, Flurry, Dag, Jewsters, Ghosty, and Grouchy, to name a few.


Now the gameplay of Nonstop Knight 2 is very much interesting as you got to fight different enemies at different levels. The knight has to use all his weapons and power to fight his enemies and collect as many treasures as possible with each preceding level and leave the dungeon. It is structured in a stage-wise format and with each succeeding, the stage comes a new level of difficulty and also a new weapon is unlocked as well.

The game is a much interesting one and is highly recommended to its interested players and it is a guarantee that the game won’t disappoint you even for a moment once you start playing it.

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Download Nonstop Knight 2 for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

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