PewDiePie’s Pixelings MOD APK v1.4.1 [Unlimited Bux]

A game set in the Pixelands, PewDiePie’s Pixelings begins with a mysterious being devouring the inhabitants. A land divided into various worlds, players have to fight off invaders with PewDiePie and in turn, restore balance to Pixeland. With exciting features introduced in its latest upgrades, this game has been continuously evolving towards enhanced gameplay that has kept players hooked on to it.

What makes PewDiePie’s Pixelings (MOD Unlimited Bux) so popular among idle RPG lovers? Read the article below and find out how you can get Unlimited Bux, Unlimited Coins resources and Infinite Energy on your game account.


App NamePewDiePie's Pixelings
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bux, Unlimited Coins & Infinite Energy
SizeVaries with device
Root Required?No
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PewDiePie’s Pixelings MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Bux
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Infinite Energy
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • PewDiePie’s Pixelings Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

What makes this game special?

While there are numerous idle RPG collection games, PewDiePie’s Pixelings have found itself as one of the most in-demand games on cell phones. This can be traced to numerous gameplay novelties that have been introduced in this game.

Building a deck

As a player embarks on his/her journey through Pixeland, they must create a deck of their Pixelings and lead them against monsters and horrific beings which are invading this otherwise peaceful land. Creating this deck requires strategy as players must judge their own strengths, as well as that of their enemies to forge a deck worthy of victory.

Collect to upgrade

Players must also collect all the different types of Pixelings which are present in this game. Coming with various shapes and attributes, different Pixelings are integral to attack formations and strategies. Players have more than 30 types of hand-drawn Pixelings to collect, followed by layers of upgrade which are available through PewDiePie’s Pixelings.

Real player battles

Along with its usual gameplay and battles against formidable AI projections, players also have the option to battle against real opponents. Along with its exciting gameplay, this takes every player to an unpredictable battle against real life opponents with their own idea of battle strategies. Winning these player vs player battles in real time go a long way in making a player attain legendary status on this game’s leaderboard.

Convenient combat controls

Often players have complaints regarding combat modes and controls since these have a tendency to be complicated and cumbersome. In the case of PewDiePie’s Pixelings, however, this control of combat modes have been made quite player friendly. Players can simple drag, drop and swap while strategizing their combat, as well as during this actual fight. This turns out to be a crucial factor which contributes to this game’s popularity since often turn-based strategy RPGs have a complex mode.

Building a guild

This game also has an interesting option which allows players to build their guild along with other players and enthusiasts. This guild can be used not just for chats with companion players, but also to devise new strategies which can be effectively used to fight the monsters of Pixeland. These guilds are consortiums of sorts, opening up a new dimension of group gaming while maintaining the essence of idle RPG games.

Special quests

Players can also embark on special quests with PewDiePie to explore different places within Pixeland. These “meme-orable” quests are a new and exciting feature which allow players to explore different storylines set in Pixeland like those of Legend of Brofist, Tuber Simulator, etc.

Spells and experiments

Another novelty offered in this game is that of spells and experiments which are abundant through the course of its gameplay. Players must collect, as well as master different spells which can be found in the corners of Pixeland. Additionally, players can also conduct experiments with different teams of monsters, taking this gameplay to a new height of excitement.

With a near perfect rating of 4.7, PewDiePie’s Pixelings is one game that has accumulated raving reviews from its players. While on one hand this game has brought in exciting features, it has also made it a point to offer high quality graphics, making its gameplay even more enjoyable.

Option to strategize in this virtual world to reach glory while also having a fighting chance against real-life opponents takes this gameplay to a new height of experience. Additionally, creators of this game are also ever vigilant to mend any bug that might emerge in this game. Understandably, with novelties and action-packed in PewDiePie’s Pixelings, it turns out a game that just might get addictive once a player indulges in the battles of Pixeland.

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