PvZ MOD APK v2.7.01 [Unlimited Coins/ Gems]

Are you good at strategizing? Do you want to apply your expert strategies and win an amazing game? Then you should try out the game Plants vs Zombies FREE. It is a fantastic game with amazing features that you will fall in love with. To learn about the game in detail, go through this article very nicely as here we shall discuss various features of the game along with its gameplay. Strategize and win the game with our latest PvZ (Mod Unlimited Coins/ Gems) Get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems resources on your game account. Also, unlock all the Plants and get Instant Refill and Godlike Plants.


PvZ MOD Apk File Information:

App NamePvZ
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Sun & Unlimited Coins. Instant Refill, Godlike Plants
Root Required?No
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Plants vs Zombies MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Gems (Diamonds)
  • Unlock All Plants
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • PvZ APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

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About the game

This game has been developed by Electronics Art and is a favorite of millions of gamers across the world. Players love the concept and simplicity of the game which transmits them to its world. The game has got all the beautiful features that can help it hold on to the attention of the players.

Here, the player will have to face the zombies that are fierce and ready to attack at any point in time. He can plant some power plants and help himself stay safe against the zombie attacks. This is the whole concept of this game that the player needs to understand and strategize accordingly.

In PvZ, the player will have to plant some special plants in his garden. These plants are extremely powerful and will help the player in arresting zombies and preventing them from attacking the house. The player will have to apply the perfect techniques that will help him plant correct plants and defeat the zombies.

There are 26 types of zombies in this game and they need to be stopped at the correct time or else they shall invade the home of the player. This is not at all expected and that is why the player will have to plant some zombie-killing plants that can put them to rest forever and save the whole locality.

In this game, the player will find a group of 49 zombie-killing plants that include wall-nuts, cherry bombs, peashooters, and many others. These plants are extremely powerful and can prevent the player from powerful attacks from the zombies. They can deal with all the various types of zombies that appear in the game and prevent them from breaking inside the house of the player.

PvZ is a game that is made out of a brilliant concept. The gameplay is flawless and that is why it is widely loved by the players. Its excellence has won it more than 30 awards for being the ‘Game of the year’. Players, of course, love it and so does the critics and this together brings loads of bonus points to this game.

There are 50 levels in this game and that is surely a large number for any game. If the player can win all of them then he will emerge as the winner of this game. There is a huge arsenal of zombies and the player will have to save himself and his territory against their attack at any cost. He will have to prevent the zombies from attacking any object or himself and this can be easily done in the Survival mode.

Each of the zombies is different from the other one and the player will have to identify them pretty fast. There are zombies who are pole-vaulters, bucket-headed, snorkelers, and of many other types. These zombies are fun to play with as they keep the player on his toe throughout the game. The player will have to be very fast in planting the exact plant that can control the respective type of zombie.

In Plants vs Zombies, the resources available to a player are limited and he should make use of them reasonably. The green plants are less in number and thus the player should be cautious while planting them against the zombies. A wrong move can get the player out of the game in the initial levels itself.

The zombies are in love with the brain of the player and for this, they can go to any extent. They will try to get into the house of the player by any means and attack him. This is why he should gather all the important information about the movements of the zombies from beforehand that will help him advance in the game effortlessly.

There are 49 perennials that a player can win in this game and all of them are highly powerful. For this, he will have to complete the levels successfully and that will earn him special boosters. There are many coins that a player can collect while playing a level and use them later for buying a pet that is a snail or some special power-boosters that can help in attacking the zombies.


  • There are 50 levels in this game and all are nerve-wracking yet interesting
  • In this game, there are more than 26 varieties of zombies that are always ready to attack the house of the player
  • Plants vs Zombies has got 49 zombie-killing plants that include cherry bombs, wall-nuts and many more
  • The zombies have got special powers of their own and the player needs to identify them properly
  • Here, the zombies are very intelligent and they know how to break into a house perfectly
  • The player will be able to become more strong as he keeps on fighting zombies and completing levels
  • There are 46 achievements that a player can earn if he is able to apply his skills brilliantly
  • The game is totally free but if players want they can buy up to 600, 000 coins within the application

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Plants vs Zombies has got flawless gameplay where the player will have to apply some brilliant skills throughout for defeating the zombies. The graphics are extremely advanced and the attacks of the zombies look so real.

The game is available for free of cost and has been downloaded by more than 100 million players. It can help a player have a gala time while playing it as he will be always active in defeating the zombies.

If you too want to reduce your boredom then download PvZ just right away.

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