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Raft is an Oceanic adventure game where you have to survive to drink, sleep, eat and avoid being eaten by a shark. In this game, you are on a raft in the middle of an ocean, no sight of land around you; you are completely alone in a blue ocean. This sounds difficult but the game aims to survive.

You can now download and play Raft game on Android.

Raft APK Features:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to install and to play
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • It has all the original game features
  • Raft APK file working on all Android versions
  • No need to root your device!

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How to play the game?

Players start with a single platform whereby the only resources you have is a rope with a hook. You must use the hook to collect resources in the ocean. Resources such as leaves, wood, and other building materials are used for your survival.

Playing it on Android is much more entertaining than you may think.

You can build a wooden platform to ensure the increase the size of the floating house.
You can get water purifiers to transform the sea water into something you can drink, get a cooker to cook your meals such as fish and potatoes, craft a net that helps you snag floating resources around you.

Game Features

  • Gathering

Utilize your hook to get resources meant for survival.

  • Building

Improve your building by crafting advanced housing structures like flooring, rating stairs, pillars, tools, etc., which will make feel more comfortable on the raft.

  • Health

Make sure you take good care of yourself by eating well, try to catch sea animals, cultivate food like vegetables, potatoes, and palm trees for your survival.

  • Real Adventure

This is an adventurous game, where you have to do everything possible to survive; there are so many activities such as fishing, gathering, building, cooking, farming, fighting, etc.

How to download and install Raft game on Android

The apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below
  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Raft.apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Game

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

In conclusion, Raft is a game that you must play. Download and Play it now on your Android device!

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