School Days MOD APK v1.200 [Unlimited Money/ Unlock Editor]

To experience school life once more, MDickie launched a new game called School Days for the ios and android platforms. Activities of daily life will be in action once again and the users will face different challenges in it. School life from attending classes to sports in the playground, taking lessons to become graduate all will be there in the program. Play this so-called “New Wonder to the Folks” game with our latest School Days (MOD Money/ Unlock Editor). You will get Unlimited Money, unlock the editor and get no ads.


School Days Mod Apk File Information:

App NameSchool Days Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money. Unlock Editor, No Ads
Root Required?No
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School Days gives real-time experiences about school life to the users. It offers users to explore school events like class attending, question answering, quizzes, and interactions with people. Users experience classroom dramas and different actions with more than a hundred classmates. For a more relaxing game, you can try Hungry Shark Evolution.

School Days MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Editor
  • No-Ads
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • School Days Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

The game presents different school-related contests filled and followed with fears, enjoyments, and amusements. Gaining knowledge from attending classes and answering questions from ten subjects allows you to be graduated and go to the next level.

But, one can upgrade the game to ‘private education’ mode to avoid promotional ads. Making changes and saving in selecting civilians, teachers, ten different classes are also available in this updated program. There is an available option to own the school too such as Old School RuneScape. Maximum benefits are for them who customize the game as ‘private student’.

About Gameplay

At the very initial stage of the game, you will be offered about the three universes called Inherit, Generate universe and Restore default. You have to join in any of these universes to go further in game-playing. After that, you can make your own character and make possible editing.

From the different available options, you can make your character customized. After finishing edits of your character you will go to schools and experience different events of school life. You should attend every class (per class one hour) to make your grades better.

You will have the opportunity to have lunch in cafeterias. As your school is over, you will be back in your home. These daily activities will continue and you have to face different situations and scenarios through which your character will be judged.

Through experiencing those situations, you have to prove yourself as a good student and earn your graduation. Detentions will also be available on the basis of misbehaves and crimes are done by you. You will enjoy using bars, shops, stores, etc. and have the chance to earn money too even being a student.


There are basic controls and buttons to play School Days in a proper way. The controls are:

A – Attack Button

R – Run

G – Grapple

T – Interaction Button

P – Pick-up

Additional controls

  • To set any small or big objects in the fire, need to press pick-up and run buttons together.
  • To make a strong attack, press the run and attack button together.
  • To choose pause option in the school days, need to touch on the health meter.
  • Touch speed bubbles to provide conversations in speed.

For a better understanding of School Days control panels, you need to follow game tutorials. Try playing Dragon City.

Game Features

  • Experience forty different locations of a city.
  • Real-time experiences Gaining knowledge with more than a hundred classmates, civilians, and teachers.
  • Grades improvement based on ten subjects’ experience
  • Vehicles, furniture, and various communicative props are available in the game.
  • of every single hour.

Proper guidelines to play the game

These are some basic guidelines that how to play School Days in proper ways and progress for the next:

  • Try to avoid chaos and unnecessary errors in school. Behave well with your mates and teachers; otherwise, you will be penalized.
  • Maintain sanity standard in the proper way as it is the indicator of your character. As you know possessing a good character might help you to progress in the game. The unnecessary dropping of the sanity gauge might cause a negative effect on your career.
  • Utilizing of T button can help you to learn how to play the better. This button is an interactive button so you can interact with your friends easily and share experiences of playing the game.
  • You need to maintain your health in proper ways. Because engaging in more activities will decrease your strengths and reflect in your progress.
  • Must have some sleep on beds as this will help to keep health and sanity in proper shape.
  • You have to attend classes as this is the best way to make your grades better in School Days.
  • Never allow yourself to be without defense. Your vulnerability will be disclosed if you don’t pay back on the attacks that happened to you.


  • The option ‘display’ offers many features.
  • Maintaining low options in ‘population can be a solution for displaying many characters in your device.

Download School Days for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

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Please select a button to download  School Days for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Money/ Unlock Editor) version or the original APK. Find the best mod apks on our website.

What’ s new?

The updated version of School Days (Unlimited Money MOD) comes with a lot of essential features like:

  • Current costumes, hairstyles and new faces of the characters.
  • Fixed bugs and balances
  • ‘Button Size’ has been renewed to make virtual controls developed of screens playing.
  • Throwing option has been developed and user-friendly.
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