Snapchat MOD APK v10.87.5.69 [Premium, All Unlocked]

This world of technology and teenagers are crazy about photographs and filters. The Google play store app offers thousands of photos and filter apps and they usually get confused about the genuine and the best one.

This article will help you lead to the best photo chat and photo filters app that will make you look gorgeous and beautiful naturally. Snapchat MOD APK (Premium, All Unlocked) is one such photo chat app that will satisfy all your needs in terms of photography. People use it even when they do not want to add any filters because it gives a clear and high-quality picture. It comes under the category of social in the world of play store. Get a lot of cool features by downloading the mod from our website. You can even see the private snaps.

App NameSnapchat
MOD FeaturesHigh score (ONLY ON USER’S END),
Ability to view mature content,
Always be able to reply a snap,
Unlimited characters for a caption (TAP THE TEXT ICON TO MAKE IT WORK),
Unviewed snaps always stay in your story,
You can always skip team snapchat stories,
People are not notified when you take a screenshot of their snap,
Countdown for a snap is disabled,
Timer for viewing a snap is disabled,
Snap don’t expire
Root Required?No
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Snapchat MOD Features:

  • A high score (ONLY ON USER’S END)
  • Ability to view mature content
  • Always be able to reply a snap
  • Unlimited characters for a caption (TAP THE TEXT ICON TO MAKE IT WORK)
  • Unviewed snaps always stay in your story
  • You can always skip team Snapchat stories
  • People are not notified when you take a screenshot of their snap
  • The countdown for a snap is disabled
  • Timer for viewing a snap is disabled
  • Snaps don’t expire
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Snapchat Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the app

The moments with friends and family will not come back and capturing them through Snapchat is the best way to keep them alive forever. It is extremely fast and user friendly. The other apps might not open to the camera directly but Snapchat does take you.

It leads you to the camera directly so that you can capture the moment in seconds and share them with your friends. It also has an option to save the picture or video that you have captured at the moment.

Features of Snapchat

  1. Leads you directly to the camera
  2. Snapchat has lots of filters and keeps updating the filters almost every week. Filters like dog filters, heart filters, and natural filters are some of the most popular filters.
  3. It allows you to chat and stay in touch with your friends
  4. Privacy is a good thing in this app. The chats are either deleted immediately after viewing or after 24 hours of viewing. You can set the option according to your comfort.
  5. It has a discover section which can prove to be the best time pass. It is interesting and will show you videos according to your interests.
  6. It has a snap map that allows you to view the location of your friends and share your own location with your best friends.
  7. The discover section will also show and keep you updated with the breaking and live news going on in the country or the world
  8. It has free cloud storage and that means the pictures will be saved in your Snapchat account. You can view them in your memories whenever and wherever you want.
  9. You get to check charms and astrological compatibility of you and your friends individually.
  10. Get to know the friendship status and profile as judged by the app of you and your friends.

Other specifications and details

Snapchat not only has photo filters but also has some mini-games. You can swipe right to scroll through the mini-games that are available to you. You can invite your friends to play those games with you and challenge them.

Take a picture of your victory when you win and send it to your friends.  Another feature of Snapchat is that it notifies you whenever someone replays your snaps or takes a screenshot of your snaps. It will keep you updated and let you know who is keeping a track of your pictures.

The bitmojis are an attraction for this app. This app will let you create your own character according to how you look. You can send stickers and messages through your character that has been developed by snapchat. It also helps you combine your character with your friends’ character and create a different and unique sticker that no other app does or will do in the near future.

Chatting to someone over stickers and virtual images can really be fun. It does not take too much space in your phone and first saves the pictures in the memories section inside the app. You will have an option of selected pictures that you want to see in your gallery. Export only those selected pictures to your gallery to save space on your phone.

If you ever want to transfer pictures to another device, all you need to do is open your Snapchat account in that device and export all the pictures and videos to the device. This will help you save both time and effort. It is worth it.

Download Snapchat for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

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