Olympic is one of the most-watched events in the entire world. People don’t want to miss watching this thrilling sports ceremony. Also, this event has been worshiped for years. It has a historical and cultural value as well. Countries from every corner of the world take part in it and everyone eyes on the gold. This is the most prestigious award in sports.

Keeping this in mind, Sonic at the Olympic Games is created to provide unlimited fun to the players. With different events and adventures, this game continues. As a role-playing game, this game comes with lots of challenges and the streamers will find themselves a character in the on-going events. Go for the Gold with SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 (MOD Unlimited TP). Get Unlimited Training Points resources on your game account. Also, unlock the Ocean View and the Tokyo 2020 mascot.

Thus, by providing a virtual world where the players can win their desired prizes and awards, this game is entitled to ensure the happiness of the gamers’ minds.

Here are some details about this game that the players should know.


MOD FeaturesUnlimited Training Points, Unlock the Ocean View, Unlock the Tokyo 2020 mascot
CategorySports, Action & Adventure
Root Required?No
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  • Unlimited TP (Training Points)
  • Unlock the Ocean View
  • Unlock the Tokyo 2020 mascot
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Storyline of the game

As the name suggests, SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 is all about winning various events in Tokyo Olympic. Sonic is the prime character of this game. The players will enjoy and explore the city, Tokyo, with Sonic.

The game starts with Mr. Eggman who has already taken over Tokyo city. Now,  it is completely up to Sonic and his friends who only can save the city as well as the Olympic from the mighty Eggman.

Similar to the Olympic, this game also unveils various events in which Sonic and his friends can take part. The game continues with Sonic taking part in these Olympic events and winning medals.

Along with this, Sonic also challenges the powerful bosses who have taken control over the city. Thus, the players will also have the chance to explore Tokyo city with Sonic and his friends while they fighting with the enemies.

Features of the game

Everyone enjoys winning Olympic events and medals. So, this game comes with different features that attract players of various age and mindsets. Following are some interesting features that players can enjoy while playing.

Easy and interesting game play

To win over the heart of streamers this game, SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 comes with easy to play feature. While taking part in the events, the players only need to tap and flick all the way to victory. The fast gamers can move their fingers over their keys, they will have the chances the win gold.

With this interesting and easy feature players will be engaged to the game and enjoy their journey for the gold.

Various events to take part

To provide the real-life experience of Olympic, SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 allows the players to enjoy 15 Olympic game events. The events where the gamers can take part are Table Tennis, BMX, and Badminton, Shooting, Archery, Diving, Fencing, Sport Climbing, 100m, and 400m Hurdles, Javelin Throw, Hammer Throw, Trampoline, Lone Jump, Karate.

Through these various options of events, players can enjoy their journey while improvising to be the fastest to win gold.

Opportunity to play with people around the globe

SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 enables the players to improve their performance with every time they set off the journey. However, as a role-playing game, it also comes with a community of players. So, the gamers can challenge their friends or other players from different corner of the globe.

This gives the players a chance to prove their skills to the world. Also, it provides a boost in their self-confidence when they see their names at the top of the leader-board.

Different choices

To maintain similarity to the real-life, this game offers all the newest additions of Tokyo Olympic. So, the players will have tons of different events to participate and win. Moreover, the gamers can also choose from options like Olympic events and special “Extra (EX)” events that enable exciting and new gameplays.

Game for every age

This is a game that can be played by any age. The content of this game is universal that means children can also take part in it. With this game a 3 years old now can also able to take part in Tokyo Olympic.

In conclusion, SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO2020 is a game that gives players of all ages to take part in the Tokyo Olympic and also win medals. So, the statement of this game is “Gotta go fast! Gotta go for Gold!”

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