SoundCloud MOD APK v2020.06.16 [Free Premium Version]

SoundCloud is a leading streaming service app that helps users explore millions of artists from all around the world. This app lets individuals access music created by both budding and seasoned artists, across an array of genres.

SoundCloud (MOD Free Premium Version) is the most popular and global music streaming app. Download it from our website and get the Premium Version, SoundCloud++ with no ads.

With SoundCloud, people can interact with these artists as well as a vast number of fans worldwide. Also, they can browse for podcasts from various artists on topics such as comedy, news & politics, arts & entertainment, and much more.


SoundCloud Mod Apk Information:

App NameSoundCloud
MOD FeaturesSoundCloud++, Premium Version, Free-Ads
CategoryMusic & Audio
Root Required?No
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Additionally, this streaming app allows them to discover the best music in the world from a wide range of genres. People can also find the trendiest music on SoundCloud Charts and experience the most popular soundtracks.

In case users are artists themselves, this app offers them the platform to share their brand of music. In this way, millions of artists join together and form a global community, along with fans. Also, users create their own playlists and find relevant tracks that suit their taste of music.

Besides, it introduces its users to new music from a plethora of emerging artists. Users can also browse through exclusive in-app playlists that experienced artists prefer. On the other hand, individuals encounter rarest of rare music from all parts of the world.

App Details

SoundCloud is an app for sound distribution and sharing with millions of monthly users. It has also contributed to the success of scores of artists. Additionally, users can operate this app on both mobiles and desktops.

However, it has a few technical requirements on its users’ devices. Therefore, it is only accessible to users who have devices with the following versions of the browser, iOS, and Android –

  • Browsers : Chrome >= 40, Firefox >=41, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari 8
  • Operating systems on mobiles: iOS 11.0 or the next  update, and Android 5.0 Lollipop

However, users should keep their systems updated to avoid disruption of sound streaming service. In addition, this app is the most suitable and convenient for browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Therefore, users can share the SoundCloud experience with high-quality soundtracks across a variety of genres.

The current version of this app is 2020.03.24-release that requires Android 5 or above. On top of that, the size of this app is a reasonable 20M. This app is also rated for 12+ and recommends parental guidance.

Additionally, this app asks for permission from its users to access storage, microphone to record audio, photos/media/files, along with Wi-Fi connection information.

SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ offer their subscribers the option to save unlimited tracks to listen online. Their services are also Ad-free and users can browse full catalog without previews.

 App Features

SoundCloud flaunts several features that contribute to its worldwide popularity. Therefore, users actively prefer this app for the following attractive characteristics –

Exposure to global music

This audio streaming app contains beyond 200 million soundtracks from over 20 million artists. Therefore, users can participate in the global trend of rock, jazz, techno, electronica, hip-hop, rap and plenty of other sub-genres.

Interaction with communities

It offers its users the scope to come in contact and share ideas with millions of users from different corners of the world. As a result, a person can follow the works of artists and interact with them in real-time conversations. These communities also enrich a person’s music experience.

Create playlists

Individuals can create their own playlists containing a variety of music and podcasts. The easy-to-use interface also enables a user to operate their playlists conveniently. On the other hand, users can also avail exclusive playlists that music experts suggest to get exposed to a professional standard of music.

Also, users can add music for several occasions in their playlists to access them in no time.


With the plethora of attractive features that SoundCloud offers, this app is already a favorite among its worldwide users. Since it offers the scope to participate in conversations with artists all around the world, individuals can have an enriching experience.

Therefore, it becomes the most essential platform for high-quality soundtracks from a broad range of genres. In addition, the convenient interface of this music streaming app allows a user to access several in-app functions for the most suitable music experience.

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