Tales of Wind MOD APK v3.0.9 (Unlimited Silverstars)

Download and install Tales of Wind MOD APK (Unlimited Silverstars). You can download it for free from our website. With this mod, you will get Unlimited Silverstars and Mana on your game account. Also, you will Unlock all the Cards.

Tales of Wind Mod Apk Information:

App NameTales of Wind Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Silverstas & Unlimited Star Diamonds. Unlimited Mana & Unlimited Gold Chests. Unlock All Cards
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No
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Tales of Wind MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Silverstars
  • Unlimited Star Diamonds
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Unlimited Gold Chests
  • Unlock All Cards
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Tales of Wind Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!


Unlimited Silverstars & Star Diamonds

Silverstars are the game’s currency resources which are used for a variety of things. Firstly, you can buy different items from the shop. Then, you can upgrade the equipment you have bought, up to +15 levels. In order to upgrade you need Silverstars and Star Diamonds too.

There are some methods to get Silverstars resources like rewards, daily quests, etc. But, with the Tales of Wind MOD, you will get Unlimited Silverstars and Unlimited Star Diamonds to boost your performance and help you level up much faster and easier.

Unlimited Mana

Now, just as the Silverstars with the Star Diamonds work in upgrading the items of your equipment, Mana is the currency you also need for card upgrading. You need Silverstars and Mana to upgrade your Cards.  You will have Unlimited Mana with the Tales of Wind Mod Apk. Spend as many resources as you are allowed to upgrade to the highest level. Upgrading your cards will help you progress further in the game.

Unlimited Gold Chests

To help you even more in this game, we added in this tales of wind mod apk plenty of Gold Chests. They can hold prizes containing skills and resources such as Mana, Gold Beans, Mounts, etc. You may also get Unlimited Zeni with DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE MOD.

Also, besides the items which you can earn, you can also get Cards from the Gold Chests which will add a considerable bonus to your characters. Take advantage of these gold chests and win prizes to enhance your gameplay. Therefore, download the Tales of Wind mod and get lots of Gold Chests.

Unlock All Cards

With the Tales of Winds Mod Apk, you will be able to Unlock all the 4 types of Cards. Get Red Cards, Gold Cards, and even Purple and Blue Cards. You can get Cards with the in-game methods available such as completing the Card Realm, from the quests, participating at events, or getting rewards.

These methods can’t give you access to all the cards as our Tales of Winds mod does.  There are cards that are not the same. They differ from one another. You can have cards with the highest BR to help you win the conquests in the arenas.

Gold Cards and Red Cards are the most desired ones for they are the best, with the highest levels to be upgraded. Choose any card you want and enjoy playing with them in your battles.

We have listed below all the Cars you will Unlock with Tales of Wind MOD apk:

Red Cards

Drogo Khal
Ember Beholder II
Goldy Sakura II
Maple Bear II
Nora II
Yuni II

Gold Cards

Adventurer RaccoonMargaret
Arclight IINightmare Emissary
ChocoOgree Lerr II
Flaming Shroom IIIOrange Cat
Forest Goblin IIPlains Flower Fairy
Frosty Ace Goat IIPlains Goblin II
Gildan IIReyla
Luna IIIRomani II
MalorneSakura II
Mana FruitStardust II

Purple Cards

Dark Crystal II
Dreadmaw Bear III
Goblin Shaman III
Maple Bear II
Tricia III
Wind Strider III
Winter Dryad II

Blue Cards

Dora Raccoon II
Hero Raccoon III
Magic Raccoon II
Ninetail Raccoon III

The story of the game

Are you not anymore interested in playing the same type of game for a long time? Well, the wait seems to be over now. In this article, we will talk about one of the most interesting games: Tales of Wind. The game is available in the play store and you can opt for it against few bucks.

Whatever games you have played you know the storyline of those games. Like the same way to go all the way with this game, you need to know this storyline as well. So without further discussion let’s take a look at the story and what the game is all about and what you have to do in it.

Well, when you enter the game you will enjoy the atmosphere around the la palace city. The city is blessed with divines but as of now several shades of evil have filled the region and you need to evacuate them from that region to bring back the peace in the society of La Place of Tales of Wind.

So you have to combat against them to bring back the light and power in that place. By using our tales of wind mod apk you have a better gaming experience.

Cool features of the game

Nevertheless to say that the game has introduced some cool features with it as well. Les tale a look at it.

  • You can customize yourself with hundreds of outfits
  • You can adapt to it. Capture and move along the streets with pets and mounts.

Defeat the monster

The more you go through the game the more you become powerful. This will make you easy to destroy enemies in no time. So play the game, and gain power so that you can defeat the monster that is ruling the streets and making it dirty. Bring back the peace and harmony and that must be your motive while playing the game from very first.

You will defeat the monster easier and faster by using these Tales of Wind. Another cool game you should try playing is Wolf Tales.

Enthralling graphics

One cannot count any negative reviews with the Tales of Wind and sound of the game; the developer has worked a lot to give splendid graphics to capture the attention of the gamers. The game has been given excellent sound so that you do not feel like you are outside of the game for a moment.

How to get Tales of Wind?

Well, the Tales of Wind is exclusively available for Android users. So if you are an android user and have a Google account then you can have the full swing with this game. Make sure to have an account in the Google play games so that you can enjoy all the play store games as well as this game. If you are wondering to know about what this game is all about then keep an eye in the below section.


You do not need a high-end device to run the game at its fullest. The system requirement for this game is quite pleasing and if you have a mid-range mobile it would be enough to run the Tales of Wind Mod.

Why Should I Download Tales of Wind MOD?

If Unlimited Silverstars and Star Diamonds, plus Unlimited Mana and Gold Chests are not enough to convince you to download the Tales of Wind Mod Apk, then the Cards should be.

You can Unlock all the Cards. Don’t need to go step by step again in this game until you are finally eligible to discover the withhold cards. Get access to all of them, even to the Gold and Red Cards which are not easy to get. Download the Tales of Wind mod apk file and install it to take advantage of all the features described before.

The mod .apk file is 100% free, safe, working smoothly. It doesn’t need any update or phone root. It is ready to be downloaded and tried by you.

How to download and install Tales of Wind MOD APK on Android

The mod apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below

    Download MOD APK

  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Tales of Wind Mod Apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings


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