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Make Sitting At Home Fun With the TextNow MOD APK (Free Premium, TextNow++). Download the mod .apk file from our website to get the TextNow++ Premium for Free.

Textnow ++ download

App NameTextNow Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesFree Premium
Root Required?No

TextNow Mod Features:

  • Free Premium
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Free to download
  • TextNow Mod APK working on all Android versions
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device

About the App

Everything is much more fun with our friends around us. But what about when we are locked up in our homes without a choice?! Remember the days when phone calls via the landlines were the only means of communication during the long days of the summer vacations when the schools were closed?!

Well, long gone are those days! Now you can text anyone, anywhere, or even video call them over different applications on your phone. Technology has surely given us various apps that we can choose from.

TextNow mod apk is one of the top suggestions that we would make you. One may wonder that it is simply just another application that will help us connect with our friends quite easily. Then what is so special about this particular application named TextNow? Just the question we were waiting for! The answer to the question that popped in your head right now is just a few scrolls down the screen. Also, you can get the premium version for free of Lightroom MOD APK.

More about TextNow

The application named TextNow is run by Enflick. Why we are suggesting this particular application over many others which perform similarly is because of its availability and accessibility. The application lets you send messages for free. The best part about it all is that the messages can be of any kind. B at picture messages, calls, or voice recordings, you can send them out to your friends via TextNow mod apk free.

The application does contain some advertisements. But they can be easily avoided by installing some ad blockers on your phone. Even if you do not install an ad blocker on your phone, it would not be a reason enough to ignore the application. Such is the intensity of its merits. You may also get Premium for Free on youtube with our latest YouTube Mod Apk.

TextNow Mod Apk is different from other such messaging apps in one other way as well. It does not require you to have an SMS plan on your phone. The application does use your friends’ phone numbers, but it converts the phone numbers into mail addresses. Amazing, right?!

This is just the beginning. Scroll along and take a look at some more enthralling features of the app. The reasons to use it just keep piling up!

Textnow premium apk free

Features of TextNow

One thing that we can all agree upon is that the arena where the application of TextNow MOD APK works is quite a popular one. That sector has quite many competitors. Thus if a new inclusion in the market needs to be noticed by the public, it must bring something with it that has not been so heard of before.

TextNow lives up to all those expectations and more. Let’s take a look at some of the features that have helped the application to get this far in the market and still keep a hold on its position.

  • Variety of messages:

The application lets you send and receive all kinds of messages that there are. No matter if the messages you receive are a voicemail or a sweet gif, you can receive and play them with ease with the help of this app.

  • Latest updates:

Via one of its latest updates, the application can be now used without the help of any Wi-Fi connection. This is quite a big leap forward as all such apps that help us communicate via messages and other such things require an internet connection to do the same. Furthermore, there is an option called “free coverage”. If you were to select the option you could then avail of phone service without having to provide a phone bill.

  • Unlimited and cheap international calls

The application works on the phone numbers of the people. You can use any International numbers as well. The rate for that is quite cheap and hence something surely worth using the application for. International calls are something that always gives us the chills. Say goodbye to them forever with TextNow mod APK, right now!

  • Calling from your PC:

Did not expect that now, did you?! But yes, the TextNow application, when installed on your computer can be used to call from the device as well. This again calls for attention to the fact that the app gives you a virtual phone number to communicate through. It is not your real phone number that you would use for daily phone calls and such.

  • Caller Id:

TextNow has a unique caller Id for everyone who is using the application. This makes the app safe enough to use and store your information. The internet is a labyrinth where it is impossible to predict which information is used is used in which way. You must hence be responsible for any and every personal detail you provide there. TextNow assures you of your safety in this matter as far as possible.

  • Fun features:

So as not to dim the experience of using the app,  TextNow MOD apk provides its users with some quite fun modifications on the application. You can now use your picture as the wallpaper for the app. The application has a range of emoji and gifs to choose from. You can even save the photos that your friends send you and the same goes for any other image-based messages. The application lets you add a customized feel and appearance to the app.

  • Elastic calling:

This is a feature that enables the user to choose the best possible route to receive an incoming call. This is again one of the newer features, not only on TextNow but also in the market as a whole. The application makes sure to provide as much freedom as it can to its users, starting from making the calls they want to receive the calls via the route they prefer.

TextNow looks after the fact that we are never bored. It keeps us talking and communicating no matter what. With all its latest features and emoji and gifs, it not only makes communication fun but also helps in easier expression via texts. Phone conversations are always preferred over text conversations. TextNow Mod Apk gives you both the option and much more.

Textnow mod apk

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