Thief Rivals MOD APK v241 [Unlimited Coins]

Download and enjoy playing Thief Rivals (MOD Unlimited Coins). You can download it for free from our website. With this app, you will get Unlimited Coins on your game account. You will also unlock all characters, traps, weapons, and maps.


Thief Rivals Mod Apk Information:

App NameThief Rivals
VersionVaries with device
Root Required?No
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Thief Rivals MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlock All Cunning Traps & Weapons
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Thief Rivals Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

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About the game

Mobile gaming is on the rise as more people find it to be more comfortable and can play games anywhere they like. Every day or the other there are games which are being introduced to the people and from children to adults, everyone is playing it.

However, new mobile games are offering a new option of registering before the game comes out. This pre-registering helps developers in getting the idea about the game’s popularity. A new game that is available for pre-registering is Thief Rivals. Check out the details about the game.


A game wouldn’t survive in this market if it is not exciting and fun to play. This game offers it all to its players. What one wants to be is something a player needs to decide. The game is about a weird thief who is up for adventure throughout the world. To conquer ultimate prizes and chests one will have to race with crazy ridiculous rivals for winning cool gifts. This is where the running is intense whether rivals deploy weapons unexpectedly or simply let dogs trash one.

One will requires running as fast as one can and along the way rob whatever is possible. Depending on the player, he/she can be a noob or a badass; winning completely depends on the player. By using our thief rivals you will have more chances to win every game.

Major features

There are a lot of essential features in Thief Rivals which everyone should be aware of before opting for pre-registering. Have a look!

  • Weapons and cunning traps

Having weapons and traps will help one to win the race. Even cards such as stink bombs come in handy. Also, one quite useful card which lets crazy dogs bite rivals or simply toss colossal amount of vomit. These help in taking down opponents easily.

  • Exploring the world

One will have to keep winning trophies for unlocking maps. The world is the place to play for the thief; from Egypt look-alike cities to Papaya play city one can travel it all by unlocking new maps.

  • Ample characters

From selecting hair and eye color to skin complexion and more, a player can choose it all in Thief Rivals. Also, accessorizing is possible such as wearing boots, having pets, etc. Create and customization of characters offers a player to make the character look different.

Unlock all the playable characters with our thief rivals. You will have better gaming experience.

  • Champion rewards

The primary objective is to win, as winners will have it all. A gold box is offered to champions which comprise coins, crowns, cards, skill power-up ability, and more. Also, collecting numerous amount of coins will help to open ultimate chests. The more coins, the greater number of ultimate chests one can open.

  • Defensive playing style

Various cards help in incr5easing defensive abilities that assist in jumping, running, or evading for protecting one’s self as rivals will continue attacking.

  • Playing with friends

One can compete with friends as well as people around the globe. However, one’s friends might be rivals too in this game which needs to be kept in mind.

Thief Rivals is a free and kid-friendly game that offers funny characters that will make it hard for people keeping the eyes of it. Just download it once and check for yourself.

Download Thief Rivals for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

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Please select a button to download Thief Rivals for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Coins) version or the original APK.

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