World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK v1.4.115 (Unlimited Gold/ Cash)

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World Robot Boxing 2 MOD Apk File Information:

App NameWorld Robot Boxing 2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold Bars & Unlimited Cash Money
Root Required?No
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World Robot Boxing 2, introduced by the successful game developing company Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited is another very important addition to the boxing game genre.

    Are you heavily inspired by the various action movies which are centered on robots pitted against each other? Is your dream is to be the master of a team of cool feature-loaded robots who fight as you command? Do you ever feel that you could be the next champion in the future world of Robot Boxing? If your answer is yes for all the above questions, then World Robot Boxing 2 is here to make it all possible.

Set in the near future, the game is an action arcade game, throwing the user to survive in the dazzling as well as the grim world of robot fighting. The objective is to climb up the steps to the top of this world, emerging as the ultimate Boxing legend.

Standing as an international craze among gamers, players from all over the world are pitted together to fight against each other for the title of the World Champion. A user has to go through the spectacular story mode, defeating various enemies and robots, crushing powerful bosses on the way to be the next champion by topping the leaderboards.

Riding on the huge success of its predecessor, the game brings many new things in the arena with its immersive gameplay, futuristic visuals, mesmerizing sounds, and breathtaking features. With better optimization and no bugs, the game is going to be the most cherished contender for the title of the ultimate action arcade game.


World Robot Boxing 2 is the ultimate robot fighting experience that can be guaranteed to you. The gameplay seems iconic with many cool features on the way. The game focuses mainly on the story mode through which a gamer can level up and be the champion of this virtual world.

A fight in the game always starts with a brief introduction video of the two opponent robots flexing different poses. The fight screen is very well organized with all the essential things put together without compromising the battlespace. Unlike in other games, a gamer will face no issues of view blockage because of all the options compressed in the display.

The user names, bars displaying characters health, user country and a small image of the characters fighting are all placed on the top corners with a size that is not too big neither too small. The movement buttons are placed on the lower left side and the action buttons on the lower right side for the ease of the user to use their fingers more proficiently.

Now entangle the opponent with hits and counter hits along with cool moves that measure up to special attacks for inflicting maximum damage. Special attacks can be done after your character reaches a certain attack point which depends on the attacking tendency of the gamer.

Each match consists of a few rounds. A timer indicating the time left for the current round is displayed at the top center of the screen. A brief interval of 5 seconds in provided in between consecutive rounds which can be skipped. Also, options for buying Health boost and Damage boost for the next round are provided in between this small time frame.

The graphics in the game look top-notch with a very mechanical and robotic feel, a priority for a game of this genre. The color production and the amazing thematic features within the game and its gameplay show the hard work done by the brains behind World Robot Boxing 2.

Another important feature is its sound mechanics. The game leaps by bounds over its predecessor and introduces new sound enhancements along with a very hunky but cool commentary voice.

Game features

The main feature of World Robot Boxing 2 has to be its story mode. A gamer can progress and sharpen his or her skills through various chapters in this interactive game. Progression can be achieved by continuously gaining victories over other rivals. Victory in a chapter paves the way towards the next chapter and the user climbs up the power ladder slowly to be crowned as the conqueror of this unreal robot fighting world.

Various kinds of rewards are provided by the game system to keep a gamer hooked and focused.

  • Whether winning by a Knock Out or by gaining the upper hand in successive rounds, match rewards are handed over to the winners in the form of story tokens, virtual cash for using within the game or experience points.
  • Also accumulating experience points results in leveling ups for a user that comes along with level-up rewards.
  • There is also an episode completion rewards at the end of each episode.
  • Users can also redeem or buy Robot Crates that grants various robots or useful rewards that can be used later.

With a wide array of unique robots present throughout the game, the user can own as many robots he or she can accumulate or win. Upgrades, like increasing health capacity, attacking powers or incorporating special abilities, can be done to owned robots. These upgrades are done using the virtual cash and important parts that are bought or won as rewards or gained from opening crates.

The robots featured in this game come with very gorgeous as well as peculiar appearances. Also accompanying them are their cool names like Crusher, Wraith, Depthcharge, Brigadier and many more. The robots are classified into various classes like Underground, Nemesis, Precision, Combat, Hitech, depending on their attributes. Also, the matches are done in various arenas available in the game that looks fantastic graphically.

A user now can create a dream team at his disposal by recruiting the strongest robots to be used in a fight. With fantastic gameplay and immersive game modes, the game featured stands as the ultimate boxing game. Now be the next robot boxing champion and claim your path to glory with World Robot Boxing 2.

World Robot Boxing 2 game is now available for pre-registration at Google Play and will be available very soon to be played. So hurry up, and do not miss out on any chance to enjoy this magnificent game from the very first day.

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